Writer Needed for Dog Breed Book – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

We are looking for an experienced Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner to author a guide book on the breed that will help new owners successfully raise their dog from puppy

Tracey Squaire

Tracey Squaire is a Beagle owner, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a writer and editor with six years experience gained from working for multiple literary magazines serving as a co-editor

Ruth Shirk

Ruth Shirk lives in Brownwood, Texas, with her boxer Zena. Of course, her husband Bobby lives there too. She has been a freelance writer for the last 10 years. She

Coral Dawn Drake

Kim Reynolds

Kim Reynolds is an alumna of The Branson School in Ross, California, Class of ’95. She attended Duke University, Class of ’99, where she ran Varsity Cross Country and Majored

Andrea Berman

Andrea Brown Berman was born and raised in Chelsea, Massachusetts, where she attended the city’s public schools. Although she failed miserably in most of her studies, she excelled in socializing,

Molly Weinfurter

Molly Weinfurter moved from Wisconsin to Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing as well as to get away from the cold weather. She typically writes

David Anderson

Erin Hotovy

Erin Hotovy is a gifted writer and dog enthusiast. She is the author of several books about dog breeds and various articles about dog care. She earned her BA in

Joanna De Klerk

Jo is a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London. She has a Masters degree in Tropical Animal Health, and has spent most of her career working in mixed veterinary