Dr. Jo de Klerk DVM

Jo is a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London and former star of the hit BBC show “Young Vets”.  She has a Masters degree in Tropical Animal Health, and has spent most of her career working in mixed veterinary practice

Erin Hotovy

Erin Hotovy is a gifted writer and dog enthusiast. She is the author of several books about dog breeds and various articles about dog care.  Erin lives in Omaha, Nebraska with Zoey her rambunctious and energetic Border Collie. 

Tarah Schwartz

Tarah Schwartz is a professional dog trainer as well as an outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her three dogs: Bodhi the Papillon, Finn the Poodle Mix, and Dixie the Australian Cattle Dog

David Daigneault

Former television producer David Daigneault has been living a dog’s life for the last five years. That’s when the runt of a German Shepherd litter named Cody came into his life. David lives with his wife Shelley, and Cody, in Ontario, Canada.

Andrea Berman

Journalist, dog trainer, and Vintage Toaster collector; Andrea Berman spends most of her time in the seaside town of Ipswich, Massachusetts with Murphy, her energentic Airedale Terrier.

Tracey Squaire

Tracey Squaire lives in Florida with Arthur, her energetic and loving Beagle.  An English major at the University of West Florida, Tracey has been a lifelong practitioner of writing. 

Adriana Rodrigues

Adriana Rodrigues has been loving dogs for her whole life. Although she has always leaned in ownership toward bigger dogs, her Chiweenie Mia has stolen her heart.  Little did she know how such a small dog could give her so much joy.

Sara B. Hansen

Sara B. Hansen is a writer, editor, and creator of DogsBestLife.com, an online magazine for dog owners. Sara shares her heart and Virginia home with Sydney, an Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix.

Molly Weinfurter

Molly has been a dog lover her whole life and works as a writer as well as at a local pet store/dog groomer in Florida. When she’s not working, she’s almost always spending time with her sweet little Shih Tzu, Mabel.

Rachel Kass

Rachel has a deep love for all animals. Her Bichon; "Buddy" was her first dog as a child and she recently rescued her current dog "Luna" with her Husband Dan. Rachel runs a technical writing business and coaches competitive youth volleyball.

Mary Meisenzahl

Mary has always been an animal lover and enthusiastic pet owner. She grew up with two dogs from the same litter, a Lab and an Irish Wolfhound mix, who inspired her love for dogs. In 2012, her family adopted a red Siberian Husky, whom they named Dixie.

Kirsten Tardiff

Kirsten Tardiff lives on a small farm in Michigan with her husband CJ, where she manages a small breeding program with her Australian Shepherds. She also works as a professionally groomer as well as an obedience instructor at a local kennel club.

Kevin Stueber

Kevin is a technical writer who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His time in the wilderness of New Mexico, Colorado, and South Carolina inspired him to begin his journey of owning and training Bloodhounds after seeing how critical they were in survival and search and rescue situations.

Kearsten Williams

Kearsten Williams resides in Oklahoma and is a Miniature Australian Shepherd owner and enthusiast. She is a mother, teacher, farmer, blogger, and writer.  She lives on a cattle and goat farm with her Miniature Australian Shepherd ,Onyx, and daughter Jennica.

Jordan Honeycutt

Jordan Honeycutt is a lifelong animal enthusiast. She spent her childhood days playing with her family’s two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Tipper and Charlie. Jordan currently lives in North Texas with her husband, two kids, and Goldendoodle, Finn.

Coral Drake

Coral Drake lives in Gainesville Florida with her fiancé and two dogs, Sofie and Lisa.  When she’s not writing, Coral spends a lot of her time fostering dogs or volunteering at her local shelter: Alachua County Animal Services. 

Marjorie Daley

Marjorie Daley has been obsessed with animals since birth. Dogs were always part of the equation, as life without a dog was unimaginable. These ranged from strays to pedigreed dogs to rescues.  Marjorie lives to write (and ride horses) in Wyoming.