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The Complete Guide to Australian Shepherds

Author: Kirsten Tardiff - Echolight Australian Shepherds

Learn Everything you Need to Know to Successfully Find, Raise, and Train Your new Aussie Puppy:

Chapter Topics Include:

Kirsten Tardiff

Kirsten Tardiff lives on a small farm in Michigan with her husband CJ, where she raises dairy goats and manages a small breeding program with her Australian Shepherds.

She spends many weekends competing in various dog sports with her beloved Aussies, and many hours during the week training for them.

Kirsten is a second-generation breeder, as her mother has been breeding miniature Dachshunds for over 20 years. Her lifetime of dog ownership branched into a career professionally grooming dogs as well as becoming an obedience instructor at a local kennel club.

Kirsten has devoted her life to learning about dogs, dog ownership, and to sharing that information and experience with others.

Aussie Owners Love This Book!

Complete information and Useful advice. Must read!

This is a MUST have book  for any current or future Aussie owner. The information concerning genetics and medication is invaluable for this breed and is simple to understand. Effective training is absolutely necessary for Aussies and this book explains and walks you through the benefits of positive reinforcement as well as the dangers of using punishment. The additional advice from other reputable breeders is also appreciated. Great book for every Aussie owner!

Mary Sanders

Australian Shepherd Owner

It's Obvious the Author Lives with this Breed!

This book is worth it's weight in gold! I have met the author who has lived with, bred and trained Australian Shepherds for years. I have asked her for advice concerning my own dogs. She’s invested a lot of time and energy into caring for her animals. She really understands how they think and their needs. She works with the local kennel club to help owners train their dogs for obedience, agility and show. The advice she gives is worth it’s weight in gold. I’m so excited she finally wrote this book sharing her wisdom!

Cheryl Jatsky

Australian Shepherd Owner

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