From German Shepherd Expert and Owner David Daignault

“Regarding The Complete Guide To German Shepherds, I can only say: Awesome. We have had GSD’s for many years, and we’re really impressed with the information, and the format of the book. If asked what was missing in this book, I would answer ‘nothing’. It is well written, insightful, and a fun read.”

Brian Namby, German Shepherd owner

The Complete Guide to German Shepherds

Selecting, Training, Feeding, Exercising, and Loving your new German Shepherd Puppy
Paperback – April 9, 2019

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About the Author: David Daignault

David Daigneault has been living a dog’s life for the last five years. That’s when the runt of a German Shepherd litter named Cody came into his life. David never suspected that so much energy, coupled with extreme stubbornness, could be wrapped up in a fur coat on four legs.

David found that raising a German Shepherd from a puppy is a two-way education. Yes, the dog picks up a few tricks along the way, but the human learns so much more.

David and Cody have failed obedience classes together, spent time frustrating personal dog trainers, and throughout it all discovered that most of what you need to know can be found right in your own back yard.

David wrote ‘The Complete Guide to German Shepherds’ in the hopes that people will read it before they bring a German Shepherd puppy home. After that it’s too late.

“I love this book simply because you can tell it is written by someone who also loves the German Shepherd breed.”

Sam Ireland
German Shepherd Owner