Marjorie Daley has been obsessed with animals since birth. That love was cemented as her family moved around the world. In one country, there were chameleons and crowned cranes in the backyard. In another, bats and geckos hunted on the ceiling and frogs swam in the toilet. The adventure never ended as a parade of animals slithered, swam, crawled, flew, or galloped through her ever-changing menagerie. Dogs were always part of the equation, as life without a dog was unimaginable. These ranged from strays to pedigreed dogs to rescues. The best dog was her Carolina Dog, Dax, the inspiration for this book.

As a technician with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, she worked with a mountain lion cub and a short-eared owlet – amazing, enlightening, and humbling experiences. She also babysat wild animals, including a very angry kestrel, as they made their way from the Fish and Game office to the local rehabber.

Marjorie lives to write (and ride horses) in Wyoming. She and her husband currently have two teenagers, one pit bull, one horse, a guinea pig, and two parakeets.