Your dog could be featured in a new book!

To submit a photo of your dog to be considered for inclusion in our next publication please read through the requirements and submit using the form below:


  • You must own all exclusive rights to the photos you are submitting
  • All photos must be at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels
  • Photos must be in a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif format
  • You agree to release all rights to the photos to LP Media for use in their newest book on the breed.
  • You acknowledge that any persons who appear in photos have given their explicit consent to be used in this submission

Here is some advice for getting your photos included.

Submit photos that:

  • Are high resolution
  • Show the dog filling most of the picture (no “far away” photos)
  • Are clear and not fuzzy or blurry at all
  • Display the dog in an activity: eating, playing, doing tricks, ect.
  • If it’s a “portrait photo” of the dog, it should be extremely high quality

You may submit up to 5 photos with each submission, if you have more photos, you’ll need to create more than one submission!

Photo Submission Form:

    I have read the requirements and accept the terms.