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The Complete Guide to Cockapoos

Expert Advice, Tips, and Information Covering:

  • Choosing the right Cockapoo
  • The first few days and weeks
  • Puppy-Proofing your Home
  • Preparing Children and Other Pets
  • House-breaking
  • Training your Cockapoo
  • Socializing
  • Nutrition and Health Care
  • Cockapoo Grooming - Hair and Nails
  • Advanced Cockapoo Health Care

In This Book You Will Learn...

  • What to do Before your Cockapoo Arrives

    Most new owners are not prepared for the arrival of their new Cockapoo and that can lead to costly mistakes.  Learn how to prepare your home so you are ready to keep you new puppy feeling safe, happy, and healthy.

  • How to Correctly Train your Cockapoo

    This book covers all aspects of training your new Cockapoo: from house breaking, to basic commands, and how to deal with unwanted behaviors like excessive chewing, barking, and socialization issues.

  • Basic and Advanced Cockapoo Care

    This book covers topics as basic as grooming, brushing, nail and teeth care,  As well as more advanced topics like Cockapoo specific disease risks and aging dog care.

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Chapters Include:

  • Cockapoo Breed History
  • Choosing a Cockapoo Puppy
  • The First Few Days with your Puppy
  • House Training Your Cockapoo
  • Making Friends - Socialization
  • Being a Cockapoo Parent
  • Training Your Cockapoo
  • Learning Basic Commands
  • Meeting Your Cockapoo's Nutritional Needs
  • Grooming Your Cockapoo
  • Cockapoo Health Care
  • Your Aging Cockapoo
  • Traveling with Cockapoos

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