Tarah Schwartz is a freelance writer specializing in pet care. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her three dogs: Bodhi the Papillon, Finn the Poodle Mix, and Dixie the Australian Cattle Dog. She spends every moment possible with her three beloved companions. Although she originally dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in English at Arizona State University in 2017.

Growing up in rural Wyoming, Tarah learned to care for a variety of animals of all shapes and sizes. From chickens and rabbits to goats and horses, Tarah’s passion for animals blossomed. However, dogs have always held a special place in her heart. Her first dog was a German Shepherd mix named Bob, with whom she competed in obedience and ability. After Bob’s passing, she knew she wanted an intelligent, trainable breed that would be easy to travel with. A friend recommended a Papillon breeder and the rest is history. She adopted a puppy named Bodhi and he’s been her steadfast companion for the past 13 years. With Bodhi at her side, Tarah discovered her love for traveling and exploring the outdoors. In 2016, Tarah welcomed a rescue dog named Finn into her home. Finn and Bodhi soon became inseparable and accompanied Tarah on many adventures. The pack grew again in 2017 with the addition of an Australian Cattle Dog puppy named Dixie. The trio have been exploring the western United States with Tarah, one trail at a time, ever since.

Tarah has been working with animals for her entire career. She started out as a veterinary technician in a small animal hospital in Wyoming where she gained the

knowledge necessary to care for pets to the best of her ability. After the head veterinarian retired, she began assisting a local groomer, who taught her how to make dogs of any breed look and feel their best. Tarah’s grooming career has led her to work in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Although Tarah was passionate about her client’s health and well-being, both inside and out, she retired from grooming in 2018.

After several years of working with animals and working on her English degree, Tarah decided to combine her passion for animals with her new dream of becoming a writer. She began sharing her experience and expertise in pet care by ghostwriting for a few pet care blogs. Writing about a topic that is so important to her has inspired her to pursue a career as a freelance writer. Since then, her writing career has blossomed, and she now writes regularly for a number of pet care information resources. Her favorite aspect of being a pet care writer is helping owners to improve their relationships with their beloved pets.

When she’s not writing about dogs, she’s spending time in the great outdoors with her trio of canine companions. She enjoys trail running, hiking, and traveling, especially when her dogs are able to accompany her. Tarah looks forward to future opportunities to help people and their pets improve their lives together.