We are looking for an experienced Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner to author a guide book on the breed that will help new owners successfully raise their dog from puppy to old age.


1.  Must be a Native English Speaker

2. Must be an experienced current or former Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner or have extensive experience working with or training the breed.

3. Must be an experienced writer

4. Must be capable of researching and creating engaging content that is of exceptional value to the reader.

Book Details:

1.  A basic outline will be provided, which you’ll be asked to customize to fit the specifics of the breed.

2. Book will be between 14-17 chapters in length, with an average chapter length of 2,500 words

3.  Total word count should be between 35,000-40,000 words

4. Deadlines are flexible, we prefer to allow our writers to work at their own speed.

5.  You’ll be credited as the author of the book

6.  You’ll need to provide a photo of yourself (preferably with your dog) as well as a short author bio to appear in the book.

7.  You’ll need to write a short (200 word) back cover description of the book as well


1.  The project will be broken up into eight milestones, with payment after each.

2. You’ll turn in your writing in groups of four chapters at a time

3. Your writing will be copyedited and returned for adjustment and improvement as you progress through the project.

4. After copyediting, your second draft will be reviewed by breed experts who will return the book with their notes and thoughts on your writing.  After which you’ll be asked to adjust and edit based on their recommendations.

5. Your third draft will be proofread and returned for further improvement

6.  You’ll be asked to review the final design of the book and approve it before it’s published.

Things you are not responsible for and are done by the publisher:

1. Copy-editing

2. Proofreading

3. Expert Review

4. Gathering and selecting the photos which will be included in the book

5. Graphic Design

6. Publishing

7. Promotion and Advertising

Payment for the project is $1,200 but is negotiable based on experience.