The Complete Guide to Saint Bernards


Choosing, Preparing for, Training, Feeding, Socializing, and Loving Your New Saint Bernard Puppy

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Saint Bernards: the popular droopy faced giants of the dog world that everyone loves. You’ve seen them in movies, commercials, and read about them in books. You’ve probably even seen their famous depiction as rescue dogs that carry a barrel around their neck. Saint Bernards have even been given the title “nanny dog.” What’s the truth behind all these depictions of the breed? What would trying to fit one of these giant dogs into your house be the right fit for your family and lifestyle? Just how big can they get, and how much food does a dog this large consume?

Saint Bernards are one of the easiest large breed dogs to care for. They aren’t picky eaters, they don’t require tons of exercise, and they are huge on cuddling. We get that navigating puppyhood can be tough. This is especially true when your new two-month-old puppy is already the size of a Cocker Spaniel!

In The Complete Guide to Saint Bernards you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully raise your giant new roommate from puppy to old age.

Chapter topics include:

  • History of the Saint Bernard Breed
  • Preparing For a Saint Bernard
  • Pick Up & the Adjustment Period
  • Socializing Your Puppy
  • Living With a Large Breed Puppy
  • Saint Bernards & Bathroom Training
  • Your First Vet Visits
  • Loneliness in Saint Bernards
  • Basic Training for Your Saint Bernard
  • Shopping For a Large Dog
  • Common Unwanted Behaviors
  • Going on Vacation with a Saint Bernard
  • Proper Diet & Exercise for a Saint Bernards
  • Caring for Your Saint Bernard’s Hygiene
  • Basic Health Care for Saint Bernards
  • Senior Saint Bernard Care

You’ve come to the right place to learn how to live with your very own Saint Bernard. These sweet-tempered dogs are much more than the movies depict. Like any breed, they come with their own complications, quirks, and slobbery kisses. Inside, you will learn about bringing a puppy home, dealing with an adult Saint Bernard, and even how to care for them into senior hood.

Whether you don’t know if your homes big enough or you’re trying to find the right food for your puppy, this guide will give you everything you ever wanted to know about Saint Bernards and more!


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