The Complete Guide to Sheepadoodles


Finding, Raising, Training, Feeding, Socializing, and Loving Your New Sheepadoodle Puppy

This wide-ranging guidebook is a must-have addition to any Sheepadoodle parent’s library!

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The Sheepadoodle is a mixed-breed dog, a hybrid of the Old English Sheepdog and the Standard Poodle. While this mix was originally developed in the 1960s as a military dog, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the dogs gained popularity with the mainstream public. Most Sheepadoodles inherit the sturdy build and fun-loving, goofball temperament from their Old English Sheepdog side, and their exceptional intelligence, easier-to-care-for coat, and desire to be the center of attention from their Poodle side. The combination of the two results in a canine companion that is entertaining, intelligent, and easygoing.

The Complete Guide to Sheepadoodles is a comprehensive guide to this exceptional designer dog. Pet parents will return to the valuable information found in these pages throughout their Sheepadoodle’s life, from the dog’s first car ride home to his senior years. Learn the answers to your most crucial questions, such as:

  • Is a Sheepadoodle the right dog for me?
  • How do I select the right Sheepadoodle breeder or rescue?
  • What do I need to do to puppy-proof my home?
  • Which training methods are most effective for my Sheepadoodle?

These hybrid dogs are energetic, highly intelligent, and they love to make their humans happy, which makes training Sheepadoodles remarkably easy. Exploring this superbly written book will educate you about the right techniques for training your clever canine not only in the basic obedience commands but also in more advanced commands and training routines. In fact, it covers all of the information essential to owning a Sheepadoodle, including:

  • The history of the Sheepadoodle
  • How to select a reputable breeder
  • Choosing an adult Sheepadoodle
  • How to prepare your home for a large dog
  • The costs of owning a Sheepadoodle
  • House-training your Sheepadoodle
  • Sheepadoodles in the multi-pet household
  • The most effective training methods for your Sheepadoodle
  • Effective training methods for your Poodle
  • Tips for traveling with your sweet Sheepadoodle
  • Proper grooming techniques for the Sheepadoodle coat
  • Sheepadoodle-specific health and wellness information for all stages

Sheepadoodles are social and intelligent canines who adore people. Although these big dogs were originally developed with police work in mind, they are much more suited to a more pampered, but playful existence. These dogs make superb therapy dogs, agility competitors, and family companions. Explore this book to discover how to create the perfect environment to foster your Sheepadoodle’s mental and physical health and guide him from being a playful pup to becoming a well-adjusted and well-behaved adult dog.

This wide-ranging guidebook is a must-have addition to any Sheepadoodle parent’s library!


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