The Complete Guide to the Great Dane


Finding, Selecting, Raising, Training, Feeding, and Living with Your New Great Dane Puppy

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Once you have been lucky enough to welcome a Dane into your family, there is no going back. These gentle giants need lots of affection and socialization. They are perfect family pets, and are fiercely protective of the young. Great with kids of all ages, they are patient, loving, and make great playmates.

Whether you are selecting a new Great Dane puppy from a breeder or adopting a Great Dane from a rescue, The Complete Guide to Great Danes will help you successfully find, raise, and train your new puppy.

Chapter topics include:

  • Finding your Great Dane
  • Preparing for your New Arrival
  • Welcoming your Great Dane Home
  • Successful Great Dane Parenting
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Grooming and Care
  • An Introduction to Training
  • Raising Multiple Pets
  • Socializing with Dogs and Humans outside the Family
  • Traveling with a Giant
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Advanced Great Dane Training
  • Dealing with Unacceptable Behavior
  • Advanced Health and Senior Dane Care

A Great Dane is as happy in a condo as it is in a castle; all it needs is love and attention. Remember, though, this breed’s huge size means it takes up a lot of physical space – on your bed, on your sofa, on your lap, and especially in your heart – which is where he or she will always want to be!

What’s more, raise a Great Dane alongside other animals, and you will have no problem. They crave company regardless of whether their ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ is a Pug or a Pointer. Like all big dogs, though, they need to be trained as puppies and learn how not to throw their considerable weight around!

Great Danes love to range, meaning they need space to move around freely rather than intense exercise. So if you are welcoming a Dane into a small-size home, be ready to go out on regular walks.

If you are thinking about making a Great Dane a part of your family or are already a Dane owner, then be aware, a Great Dane is a huge commitment.

From choosing your Great Dane to managing his or her final journey across the Rainbow Bridge, read on and discover everything you need to know about these big-hearted hounds.


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