Tracey Squaire is a Beagle owner, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a writer and editor with six years experience gained from working for multiple literary magazines serving as a co-editor and critic and teaching English language and grammar. Tracey has also been published in literary magazines such as The Kilgore Review and The Emerald Coast Review.

Squaire’s background in journalism and studies are the reason for her writings for her community and the world she lives in.  Her concern pushes her to write on whatever topic she thinks people should know from animal training, treatment, and welfare to environmental protection, proper recycling, and gardening.

Squaire’s creative endeavours include writing topics on fantasy, science fiction, self-help, mental health, and life improvement. Squaire is best known for her Home and Hearth books, a series created to help people love living in their homes through improving everyday events.

Tracey Squaire admits to be a grammarian, but she knows that grammar is not the only requirement to a well-written work, so she uses grammar as only a tool in her content creation, but her mastery of the language allows her to produce clear and easy-to-understand stories and walkthroughs for a wide audience.

When she’s not reading a book, writing her own stories, or editing the work of others, she is likely cooking, reading, or running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

A lifelong practitioner of writing, Squaire has spent her education, career and personal time growing and learning to use the English language in the most entertaining and instructional ways possible. From writing and sharing creative works and poetry to dedicating herself to journalism for the people, the passion for writing that she has fostered throughout her life and career has made her the writer she is today.

With a vision to improve the world by teaching others how to plan, make goals, and be productive to achieve a long and fulfilling life, starting with her own generation, Squaire’s writing reflects her personal goal of helping others to improve themselves and the world around them through the learning and taking action.

As the co-owner of the online writing community The Writer’s Waystation, Squaire is ensuring that writers all over the world have their voices heard and manage to write the stories swarming inside their heads. Squaire created the Waystation to be a place for writers of every genre to stop and learn new skills, connect with other writers, find help with writing problems, and overcome obstacles both mental and physical that get in the way of writing. The goal of The Writer’s Waystation is to be a partner for writers on their writing journeys.

Squaire spends her free time researching for future books, reading books by other authors, researching complicated topics, reading historical accounts, and exploring the physical world with her Beagle Arthur. Her educational and physical adventures expand her mind and improve the quality of each story she publishes.

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